Dogs in the Junkyard

The beginning - well shit gotta start somewhere...
The sitch...

Dear Asshole,

Your crew, ‘The Dogs’, have been running gigs out of Rustway for a couple of months now. Normally you wouldn’t stick around in one place for so long, but Marshall seems to have a good understanding with the holding’s boss, Naz, so the scratch has been flowing real easy like.

But just recently, things have started going south, and the shit’s begun to stink. Some whack-job of a Warlord called Three-Eyes and his cronies crawled out of the burn flats and set up shop just south of Rustway, in a warren of ruins they’ve called Bangscar. Three-Eyes gets his name on account of him raping the shit out of anyone that gets in his way, so the folks of Rustway are shitting in their pants. Fuck knows what Three-Eyes wants, but in the last two weeks its become a bloody gang-to-gang war. Luckily for Naz’s people, Three-Eyes gang doesn’t fight in numbers, but with viciousness beyond all reason. What his people did to Joe’s Girl even creeps you out a little, and you’ve seen all kinds of sick shit over the years. And those jumped up arrogant fucks in Harlot City ain’t coming to the rescue any time soon. S’if that ain’t enough, Brimful and his family of knuckleheads that run the Rustway manufactory ain’t seein’ eye to eye with Naz, and she sure as shit ain’t happy about them being outside her control. And then there’s Roark, Naz’s former lieutenant. He thinks he can make friends with the Devil and make everything okay. Right.

But hey, problems for Rustway means more scratch for you and the Dogs. With your experience, skills and ‘charm’, Marshall’s got each of you a gig around the holding.

Try not to die.

Love and Kisses,
Your MC


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