The Gunlugger - He'll blow that shit up...


-Blunt Face
-Raging Eyes
-Overbuilt body

Cool: +2
Hard: +2
Hot: -2
Sharp: 0

Battlefield instincts, blood crazed, NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH


-2 point “juggernaut” armour

: Jinx + 3
:Colt + 2
:Marshall + 2

[ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ]>Improvement!


Originally from Jacksonville, Alabama he was brought up by his Grandpa
after his folks were killed by a raiding gang whilst he was very young. His
Grandpa was hard on young Buck being an ex-marine and former NRA member his
Grandpa didn’t sugercoat how tough it was out there and made sure Buck was
in peak physical condition from the age of 12 and trained him as he was
trained in his old platoon.

When Buck reached 24 however his Grandpa died of old age (an apparently
rare form of death given the times) and Buck new he couldn’t defend his
home with just him alone, so he gathered much of his Grandpa’s arsenal and
supplies and set out to the east coast with no other reason that he wanted
to see the sea. Along the way he worked as a merc for various communities
and even some gangs. His prowess with his Grandpa’s MG as well as the
ferocity and glee he showed when fighting got Buck the nickname ‘the
Harbinger of Doom’, Not quite sure what a Harbinger was, Buck took up the
nickname Doom as with his size, muscles and assortment of weapons now one
ever questioned his name.

Whilst travelling closer to the coast Buck teamed up with Jinx and
worked well on a couple of jobs, eventually leading to a settlement around
an old race track in Carolina…


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