Character Classes

Angels are medics. If you want everybody to love you, or at least rely on you, play an angel. Warning: if things are going well, maybe nobody will rely on you. Make interesting relationships so you’ll stay relevant. Or sabotage things, I guess.

Battlebabes are good in battle, of course, but they’re wicked social too. If you want to play somebody dangerous and provocative, play a battlebabe. Warning: you might find that you’re better at making trouble than getting out of it. If you want to play the baddest ass, play a gunlugger instead.

Brainers are spooky, weird, and really fun to play. Their moves are powerful but strange. If you want everybody else to be at least a little bit afraid of you, a brainer is a good choice. Warning: you’ll be happy anyway, but you’ll be happiest if somebody wants to have sex with you even though you’re a brainer. Angle for that if you can.

Choppers lead biker gangs. They’re powerful but lots of their power is external, in their gang. If you want weight to throw around, play a chopper — but if you want to be really in charge, play a hardholder instead. Warning: externalizing your power means drama. Expect drama.

Drivers have cars, meaning mobility, freedom, and places to go. If you can’t see the post-apocalypse without cars, you gotta be a driver. Warning: your car’s going to be awesome, but you’ll be at a pretty significant disadvantage when you aren’t behind the wheel, so be prepared for that.

Gunluggers are the baddest asses. Their moves are simple, direct and violent. Crude, even. If you want to take no shit, play a gunlugger. Warning: like angels, if things are going well, you might be kicking your heels. Interesting relationships can keep you in the scene.

Hardholders are landlords, warlords, governors of their own little strongholds. If anybody plays a hardholder, the game’s going to have a serious and immobile home base. If you want to be the one who owns it, it better be you. Warning: don’t be a hardholder unless you want the burdens.

Hocuses have cult followers the way choppers have gangs. They’re strange, social, public and compelling. If you want to sway mobs, play a hocus. Warning: things are going to come looking for you. Being a cult leader means having to deal with your fucking cult.

Operators are freelancers, moonlighters, odd jobbers, schemers and fixers. They’ve always got one thing cooking, one thing in prep, and one thing on the verge of going wrong. If you play an operator you’ll always have something to do; unlike angels and gunluggers, you make your own business. Warning: your life is half getting ahead and half going under. Expect to swallow your share of water.

Savvyheads are techies. They have really cool abilities in the form of their workspace, and a couple of fun reality-bending moves. Play a savvyhead if you want to be powerful and useful as an ally, but maybe not the leader yourself. Warning: your workspace depends on resources, and lots of them, so make friends with everyone you can.

Skinners are pure hot. They’re entirely social and they have great, directly manipulative moves. Play a skinner if you want to be unignorable. Warning: skinners have the tools, but unlike hardholders, operators and hocuses, they don’t have a steady influx of motivation. You’ll have most fun if you can roll your own.

Character Classes

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