The Stats

The stats are:

Cool, meaning cool under fire, calm, rational, clearthinking, calculating, unfazed.

Hard, meaning hard-hearted, strong-willed, violent, aggressive, mean, physically and emotionally strong.

Hot, meaning fucking hot, attractive, subtle, gracious, sexy, beautiful, inspiring, interesting.

Sharp, meaning sharp-witted, clever, alert, smart, perceptive, educated, skilled, trained.

Weird, meaning a weirdo, psychic, genius, uncanny, lucky, strange, prophetic, touched.

Hx, meaning history (like Rx means prescription and Dx means diagnosis), particularly shared history, how well one character knows another. It doesn’t mean how well your character likes the other, just how well your character knows the other. It’s also asymmetrical: my character might know yours very well, like Hx+2, while yours doesn’t know mine well at all, like Hx-1.

cool-2 means that your cool is -2; weird=0 means that your weird is 0; Hx+1 means that your Hx (with someone) is +1.

Some rules call for you to modify your stats, in which case the modifier appears before the stat name: +1cool means to add 1 to your cool; -2weird means to subtract 2 from your weird.

The Stats

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